Monday, February 4, 2013

Week Five 2013

Day 29:
My worst could've been worse but it was really disappointing.

Day 30
So I needed to get some more make up.  Check to see the fail/success of each product.

Day 31
I took Brooke to see Warm Bodies!  The movie came out on the first but they had a 10PM showing on Thursday so we thought we would check it out! In the video I don't review the movie too much since I'm so against getting people's opinions on movies before seeing them.  So no worries there if you plan on seeing it.  If you've seen the movie or don't care if I spoil it for you check out the blog post here to read my thoughts on it.

Day 32
A lot went down in this video.  OOTD, follow up on my new make up (bought another eyeliner and mascara to try), I went into work for a bit and walked around downtown for a bit since it was so nice out!  I even have a little dating thing. Check it all out here.

Day 33
I review the new Baja Blast Freeze and talk about the new book I'm reading. Also a small room update.  Click here.

Day 34
What I wore to church.  Kept the video simple, haha.  This is a first, mkay guise.

Day 35
So I'm doing things differently and making it make more sense. Bam.

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