Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Portland Adventure: Montage, Glowing Greens and the World's Smallest Park

Alright dudes.  This was like a last minute PDX chill sesh that turned out to be a lot of fun!  So this dude that I hung out with I met only once before.  I saw him a church once with my friend Dave Mac and I met him briefly.  Then sometime later D. Young either called or texted me saying that he gave this dude my number because he was looking for something to do and apparently I'm the one who knows what everyone around here is doing (um..I'm not but that's okay.  I'll take it as a compliment).  Obviously I can figure something out to do by checking Facebook events or texting my fellow YSA peeps.  But anyways this dude never contacted me that day so whatever.

Now months later again, he asks D. Young (who btw is married so like..that's why that's not the obvious choice of what to do) of what's going on with the local YSA.  So he gave him my number again and recommended to ask me.  Turns out this guy did text me the first time a few months ago but got the number wrong.  Whoops.  Ha.  But anyways I get a random phone call and I normally don't answer unknown numbers but hey, it's a Friday night and if it was someone I didn't want to talk to I could just hang up.

So I answer it and it took me a moment to realize who I was talking to.  After asking what was going on that night and then checking Facebook to see if there were any parties or gathering of some sort and to find out that nothing was going on we decide to make our own fun.

We me up downtown at Montage.  I had never been there before and as I mentioned in my video I was nervous about driving.  Mostly because he described it as "sketchy looking" even though it's not and it's located under the Morrison Bridge.  Plus it's on the other side of the river of Portland that I hardly ever go to.  If it was on the side of the river that my office is on then I would feel confident about driving/parking.

Parking wasn't so bad and I was actually later getting there than we planned.  But that's okay.  It let him have time to Facebook stalk me haha.  I'll get to that in a moment.

But as he walked up to meet me at the restuarant, I saw this sign on a post of some sorts and wanted a picture.  But didn't want to be "that girl" the first moment he was around me.  So we go inside to get a table..um..45 minute wait..okay..let's go for a drive then.  Before walking to the car I told him that "I was that girl" and took a picture.  Here we go..!
So as we're driving to kill time we're just chatting and just getting to know each other and that's when he told me that he Facebook stalked me. He told me that he saw that I had a little girl (easiest conversation of talking about Peytyn to a guy for the first time..big fan, ha) and he was nice and said how cute she was.  So immediately it's safe to say that he and I will get along (because he admitted to the FB stalking).  It was cool that he told me he did that and it was pretty funny.  HOWEVER this does not give you people of the internet that I do not know of permission to do that.  Not that my Facebook is any more private than my blog/videos.  But don't do it.  Ha.

Eventually we get around to eating and the food was pretty good.  It was like a Louisiana type food place.  We ate alligator and jambalaya.  Mmm.  Even got our food to take home in a bunny shape! (He was a gentleman and paid for my food even.  That's how you do it, dude.  Ha)
So when deciding to do something else we narrowed it down to either go glow in the dark mini golfing at Glowing Greens or go play arcade games at Ground Kontrol.  Even though I gave him the options (with the intention of him deciding) I ultimately chose to go to Glowing Greens.  Because then I could drive (confidently since I work just a few blocks away and know the area/parking) and also pay.  When making plans to chill it was super casual and it wasn't like he asked me on a date so I wanted to keep it even between the two of us.  And I knew Ground Kontrol was cash only and I didn't have a lot of cash on me.  Plus it's pretty loud in there and would likely be busy.  Everyone that goes there tends to be super chill and super nice but I thought it would be too much for trying to get to know someone.  I felt like there was more potential awkward moments there.  And sure enough we get to Glowing Greens and it's almost empty and the noise level is very low.
I didn't take any pictures when there..wait..he did.  Oh well.  He was just showing me how green my teeth were in the black-light.  Ew.

But theeeeeen we went to the World's Smallest Park.  And honestly I always show this to everyone when I go downtown.  Last time I took a picture of it was in July and I had like 4 or 5 other pairs of feet in it.  Haha.
And that's pretty much it.  It was a chill night and he was super cool.  We got along pretty well.  And the reason why I don't mention is name is because I don't know if he is like super open on being on the internet.  Like I'm close friends with D. Young and Dave Mac that I don't think they would care so much and I don't talk about them much anyways.  So yeah.  No secrets here.  Just don't want to cross boundaries.

I did tell him that I blog so he knows that I do and I even mentioned the daily videos (not something I talk in real life about..I only mention it on Twitter).  He thought the videos was cool so for all I know he's already seen them all..haha..just kidding.  I don't think he stalked that much.

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