Monday, February 18, 2013

Week Seven 2013

Day 43
Portland Adventure, say what?  WHAT?!

Day 44
Lets make a little somethin' somethin', mkay..?

Day 45
Check link above for how to do pancakes. ^^

Day 46
So excited to share this with everyone!  My grandma was an amazing woman.   It's a long read, but check out her eulogy here.  We need more love like this in the world and here's how my family was inspired by her.

Day 47
February IPSY Glam Bag.

Day 48
So I decide to talk about a few things about myself .. and here you can see my personality and what I'm about.

Day 49
Click to here to help me win a photo contest and for you to have a chance to win a Flektor!

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