Monday, February 25, 2013

Week Eight 2013

Day 50
Things are not always gold .. but sometimes they are.  Just need to have a clear head so you can recognize when it's fool's gold or real.  (More here.)

Day 51
How to not meet a guy at a wedding. awkward!

Day 52
I opened my Man Repeller Glossybox a week and half before posting it.  I also felt like I got it much later than a lot of other people so this is way old news.  But whatevs.  Check it if you don't know what it is then!  Ha.

Day 53
Miss Pey got sick .. here's a blog post for that story and I also made a blog post about how I came across (kno)Name (click here).

Day 54
So I did a nail tutorial .. even though I told myself I would never do any sort of "how to" type stuff (besides food).  I can tell you I could never do a make up tutorial .. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to make up.  Haha.  Plus I would get so many comments on how I'm doing it wrong. But it is...

Day 55
I got a new pair of Fergie heels so .. Here's my OOTD turned to OOTN.  From church to dinner with family .. the shoes inspired my look for church and since my dress is so low cut I put on my Free People lace bandeau which then inspired my second outfit since that top requires one my bandeaus as well.

Day 56
Here's my OOTN from Saturday night. I have an interesting story to tell about Saturday night.  Definitely a dating tip of what not to do...oh geeze. Again my pain is other's entertainment.  And you can see that story here.

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