Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not Always Gold

So in my video for today I mentioned a blog post which you can see here.  It's the first blog post I made for this blog and it gets to the point.  Otherwise I feel like this video speaks for itself...except now that I'm typing this I realized I forgot to say one thing so here it is:

First, this would be waaaaaay more effective if I said this in the video since not everyone reads the blog that sees my videos..but..if you don't like my videos..blogs..pictures..the way I talk or my personality.  Then don't watch/read/etc. anything that I do.  Just doesn't make any sense to me.  I see a lot of haters on the internet these days.  I see videos on YouTube and some people are just ridiculous when it comes to some comments they write.  I get that maybe they're criticizing someone because they don't like it but why criticize?  Why must some people put negative energy out there and waste their own time watching/reading something they don't like.  Just doesn't make sense.

So keep that in mind.  If you don't like me.  If you don't like how I write.  If you don't like how I talk.  Then I recommend you do something else.

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