Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Car Flirting

I'm just going to advise you watch the video..there really isn't much more to say that what was already said but I did find what I was looking for on Facebook.  Thank goodness for Timeline.
Also, I am wondering if anyone out there has any "car flirting" stories to share.  Comment below or blog about it and send me a link!  I love the idea of having topics for others to answer or if anyone else out there has a blog or whatever and has something like this where we can share stories, share it with me. =)  It's kind of like the video tags like "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup" or "What's in My Bag" but it's story related.  So lets try that out.  I think it would be fun - plus it makes things interactive and like we're human and not just robots.  Haha. 
How technology and desensitizing the human race...

Oh and I think these all happened when I was driving my dad's truck.  Man..I love that thing.  


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