Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meeting Andrew Hales from LAHWF

I'm sure many of you that watch YouTube videos have seen Andrew and his LAHWF channel.  He has some pretty awesomely awkward pranks/social experiments and I've been a fan since last fall.  It's always fun to have some sort of interaction with people you follow.  Even if it is to awkwardly say "hi" and have nothing else to say.  I mean really, there was nothing else to say other than that.

LAHWF video Rick is in:

Rick mentions a video that he saw Andrew in and here it is:

Creeper Photos

So I felt like talking about creeper photos.  I promise it's not something I do often.  Mostly just when I'm bored.  Whenever I'm on a plane I get so bored and I'm super fidgety and stuff.  I'm really curious what the guy on the way to Utah was thinking about everything I was doing and changing what I was doing every two minutes.

Here's the video and then a few photos to follow:

Alright, here are the photos I took..again..we don't have shame here but I also don't do this often:
So .. none of you know who Connor is or what he looks like other than this dude right here. But I really thought this was my brother's friend when I was leaving PDX.  Bummer my phone was turned off or else I would've gotten a waaaaaay better photo.
You see it, yeah?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Utah Comes to Portland

Creeper Photo .. lol
So I normally don't do "real time" blogs when it comes to dates but he said it was okay plus it was really random and crazy with what happened so I thought I would share it.  The main thing about not sharing dates when they actually happen has to do with letting things happen naturally on their own but as you will see these vlogs are more about what we did rather than what's going on between us.  

First video is one I made when I was on my way to the airport to pick him him.  I really was unsure if I would ever share this video .. or if I did I was expecting it to be at least six months from now.

Now here's a more detailed video of how we met...

Haha..yeah .. so as I mentioned I stumbled across Rick's season of The Mormon Bachelor before even realizing I had already been talking to him.  Funny how things all work out.

Yes .. I can be detailed when sharing stories and these two videos are of just the first night!  I try to just stick to the main details when it comes to sharing stories but I also want to be able to remember things for the future. That's why I do a post on here so I can keep the videos shorter .. I'm just still working on balancing it all out.

With that said, here are a few photos from dinner:
Feeding Rick
In case you wanted a close up...

You had one job .. and that was to get me a Chalupa .. Only two points away.

So .. I totally forgot to mention that the first thing we did downtown on Saturday was go to Potbelly!!  Those sandwiches are AMAZING!!  Then Rick got caught up with disposing the trash...haha
Trash/Recycle/Compost .. He's new to Portlandia
We put birds on things.
Melanie working on that Triforce
Left is right after getting it done and then the right is taking off the wrap the following morning.  It then darkened on the skin the next few days.
After taking this picture Rick says "That's so gross!"
Rick sent me this picture after I dropped him off at the airport saying "I'm still confused..."

Monday, April 8, 2013

What I Should've Done

Here's the story of what not to do or what you should do.  Both perspective of things.  Like, learn from me and this dude I talk about.  I've mentioned this story before like in my Personal Space post so here it is!

This first video is the background information .. not super important to the story but just to give you an idea of why part of the "non date" was annoying:

This next video is the actual .. outing.  I wish I had mentioned what movie we went to see so you all have a clear idea of how important this was to me. But then again for privacy for the dude (not like he's ever going to see this or anyone will ever know who it's about..minus the like..three people who I told) I will keep that information to myself.  But go ahead and take a stab at what movie you think it is.

The last few details of the night along with more things that followed.  

I wasn't sure what our text conversation was about when I got home that night so I went back to take a looksy and it appears I was wrong about parts of the conversation so here it is (again, dates are clear for "privacy" reasons ... and his name is not "Dude".  But I'm sure you can guess why I put that haha).  And I'm guessing the movie was at 10:40pm.  Glad we got that one cleared up:

For serious.  What the hell does that mean?

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's

The first part of today's post are my thoughts on April Fool's Day:
Part two is a story from 2007 when I pulled a prank on my manager at work. It started out as what would be a little joke but escalated to something that lasted for about two weeks.  Check it.
After thinking of this story it makes me really miss summer 2007.  That was such a fun summer.  I really enjoyed working at Hollister.  I had such awesome managers and it was a fun and easy work environment.  Miss you guys so much!  Definitely need to all meet up again!

OOTD & Bellami Hair Extensions

Brooke's OOTD:
Tilly's dress & Nordstrom B.P. sweater

Free People dress, Nine West heels & Bellami hair extensions (22inch "Chestnut")
Bellami Hair Extensions:
Funny how I mention in this video about the bangs..I went to their website and guess what I saw???

Spring Boarding: Nike "Snake and Hammers"

I seriously have soooooo many awesome photos!  But I'm trying to narrow it down and add a few on here so check back soon for that!

I'll also add the information about the Nike boots that I got to demo.

Commit to the Volvo

Trying something new when it comes to posting photos..thoughts?  Suggestions?

MissBritt105's  album on Photobucket

Girl Date with Cassie

Thursday Morning:
Matching sweatshirts and necklaces.
Manicure at America's Tire
Mac Bronzer & Mac Lustre Drops
Instagram that got me hooked on the shirt I bought.  I have yet to find the one that got me wanting the one that I ordered and I don't see if on their website to show you on here.  I'll post a pic once I get it.
Thursday Afternoon: 
Cody came over to chill and helped me hang a few things in my room to get that moving along.  Here's something that we started .. I need to go and get a few more shelves .. it's going to be super sweet once it's done:

Sent Cassie a few sample photos for approval.

Thursday Evening:
Cassie came over and then we went to chill.  The plan was to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and then a movie but we weren't super hungry so we went to the mall first to kill time before the movie.  We got some Jamba and I was able to find some "leather" legging/jeggings at H&M for my tops I bought that morning at Aritzia.  Then we went to Cinetopia to see Silver Linings Playbook.  It's sweet because weekdays Cinetopia does $6 movies in the Movie Parlor room so we got a sweet deal!  Too bad the food we ordered was expensive .. but whatever, it all evens out though!

Nike for days.
Movie Parlor seating.  This one is about half the size of the one me and Pey sat in when we saw Escape From Planet Earth (blogpost here).
Where Cassie and I sat.  Yes, it's close but when you lay down it really isn't bad.
But yeah, still way close!
Ordering some food now that we're hungry!
Definitely recommend the hummus and quesadilla! 
After the movie.