Thursday, January 31, 2013

Warm Bodies


First off I love James Franco, he was my first celebrity crush.  So I automatically have a soft spot for Dave Franco.  And I was shocked that they killed him off so quickly.  Obviously if R didn't eat Perry's brains then he wouldn't know how to navigate the city and whatever. Plus in the movie he was dating Julie, the chick that R saves and falls for.  There could've already been a "love at first sight" possibility with her regardless if R ate Perry's brains or not but having the repressed love that Perry kept buried inside himself allowed R to love her more, I think.  Obviously Perry and Julie had emotional issues since they both lost a parent because of the infection and to top it off Julie's dad killed her mom and Julie killed Perry's dad.  Lots of crazies in this story.  So with all this emotional trauma it was dividing everyone up.  Julie tried to hold Perry's hand at one point but he rejected it and it was apparent that he was too far gone.  So R ate his brain and was able to take the love Perry once have and heal the zombies.

Something that I did love was the language.  The use of swear words was perfect.  I hate when movies use strong language and it's like...why.  For example, 21 Jumpstreet was rated R because it dropped the f-bomb like every sentence.  Yeah, there are other inappropriate parts but it totally could've been PG-13.  So annoying. was pretty hilare.

I really loved Nicholas Hoult in the film.  I'm not an actor and I know I have no skills in acting but I can imagine it being difficult to act and not be able to speak for the majority of the film.  Every little muscle was in tune and his facial expressions and his eyes were so solid.  He also didn't have emotions to play with either.  Another difficult thing to do.  So congratulations on doing that right.

Overall I enjoyed the movie.  Something I would see again and probably own.  Seems like a solid movie.  It's different than other zombie movies out there and it's

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Eyeliner and Mascara

Since I'm low on eye liner and mascara I thought I would try some new products.  One was a major fail and one was golden.

Here's the video I saw that inspired me to try the mascara.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Worst Date

Alright so I wanted to share the worst date that I've been on.  It was mostly "bad" in the sense that I was disappointed.  This was soon after the whole Mike stuff went down.  And if you don't know that story well basically I met an awesome guy who treated me exactly how I wanted to be treated by someone I liked and spent time with.  He would hold my hands and kiss me in front of his friends.  He gave me compliments that weren't forced or like..made me feel dirty.  He was genuine and it was so easy with him.

I did write a blog post for this date already and you can see that here.  And just a warning for my future stories, I won't be sharing so many details like I did with this one.  I really don't want to embarrass anyone - It's just the story and what to learn from it.  And for this story there's no way anyone could figure out who it's about it either.

And as an update, he and I are friends now.  I do like talking to him and we became close when talking to each other before meeting.  We also discussed our "date" and it was kind of funny (to me).  I do think I had a right to be upset with the little interest he was showing me but if that were to happen now I wouldn't take it too personally.

I've changed a lot these past few months when it comes to dating and what I expect from guys.  I know what I like and want from a guy along with what I don't like and what I don't want from a guy.  And I feel like I take things less personally.  And if things aren't working I just tend to get over it quicker too.  Obviously I would put effort into a relationship but if it's not there .. it's not there.  Move on.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Week Four 2013

Day 22:
Miss Pey wanted to do things on her own, see it here.
Day 23:
Want to hear some jibber-jabber from an almost 23 year old..?

Day 24:
Mmm...Voodoo Donuts and kind of Thursday.  Check it here.
Day 25:
Want to know what not to do when trying to make a boy your boyfriend..or just a friend even?  Click here.
Day 26:
If you're bored and want to watch seven videos and hear a super long story that I even forgot parts of to mention until a later video..check it here.
Day 27:
You've been Taylor'd!  How..?  See it here.
Day 28:
Want to know what goes down when Peter and I chill?  Click it here.

Oh my Peter...

Yes..we all have those awesomely cool friends who we just "get" and they "get" us.  Mine is Peter.  Seriously grateful for this dude and all the banter he brings to my life.  Srsly entertaining.


Sunday, January 27, 2013


I'll explain what I call "Taylor-ing" or been "Taylor'd" when I share my worst date video.  Since that dude was the one who inspired me to do it.

But basically it's taking either a video or lyrics written by Taylor Swift and sending them to someone to express how you feel.  But I decided to do it to Peter in a comedic way since he's such a huge flake.  Haha. 

Here's my poorly explanation of what happened:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Cruise Boy

Oh my oh my oh my.  I think the videos say it all..well..actually they don't!  I forgot to mention the way he complimented me!  Srsly..the way he looked at me and complimented how I looked, outfits, what have you.  Just perfect!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rules of Hinting and Playing Hard to Get.

Okay I will say right now these videos kind of don't make I will clarify.

Hinting and playing hard to get are two totally different things. 

Playing hard to get is the fun part of the beginning of relationships that makes dudes want you more and you all tingly inside because you don't know what the heck is about to happen.  It's the correct way of doing things to keep a guy interested and make him work for it.  But once you've kissed a few times..stop.  Don't keep playing games because it will annoy him and he'll think you won't like him. 

Hinting should never ever ever ever ever happen.  Srsly.  Don't frikkin do it.  Even though I wasn't the one part of the conversation I mention in the video I was getting annoyed as a dog trying to catch his tail.

Here's a hint: Part 2 gets to the point.


Why these are different sizes..?  I haven't the slightest clue.  I do know how to fix it but I'll show how lazy I really am and won't.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

First IPSY

So I thought I would try out a subscription thing.  Like I mention in the video I was looking to get some make up bags for storage and thought I would try this out.  And I was an idiot in the video .. Little Black Bag is a different subsctiption service that I haven't tried yet.  They just all blend together.  The first one that I'm trying out is IPSY.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miss Independent

Pey decided to be independent when getting some cereal!  And the "movie" she wanted me to watch was the Bachelor.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week Three 2013

Day 15:

Srsly, how rediculous can I be..?  What do you overreact about?  Tell me here.
Day 16:
Sometimes I'm just so sure to check out Kingsley for some laughs (warning: he swears).

Day 17:
So I thought I would try out some Baby Lips so check it out here.
Day 18 & 19 & 20:
Day 21:
Here's a follow up about Cassie's eyelashes!  I definitely want to do mine!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Round Three: Weekend in Provo

So I went for it!  Even after the fails I had the first two times I was there (regardless of the fails when it came to the guys, I still had fun and super glad I went both times) I decided to go anyways since like..I don't quite believe in luck.

This first video was my day of travel and .. yeah.  Tried to make it interesting but who knows if it was..?

Here are two videos I made on Saturday about Friday..confusing much?

Then on Saturday I went to lunch with my awesome friend Justin who does these awesome wedding videos!  CHECK THEM OUT! Srsly .. If I ever get married I already know who's doing my wedding video, he does such a fantastic job!
Then after lunch we went to the mall and shopped around for a bit.  We went to PacSun and it's funny, there was a shirt there that he really liked and I thought it was pretty sick as well but he and I area practical people and don't want to splurge (too much) but since this shirt was so awesome I said to him "I wouldn't judge you for paying full price for that." So..I said it kind of loud and got a few looks from the employees.  Haha.  But Justin has an awesomely loud laugh that made it even better.
He bought the shirt btw.

Also!  Justin is doing daily videos as well but his are different.  In fact, way more cool than mine.  I'll definitely share his once he puts them all together in the cool way he has planned.  He made me the star for one of his daily videos so I thought I'd do the same!

Then we headed over to Bath & Body Works to do something that I love .. smell candles!  Haha.  I honestly got the idea from Trisha and this video below:

Don't tell me you're not going to do this the next time you're at the mall!

They had just put out their spring scents (bye smelled great!) and so I had these new candles to smell!  Another haha I made to make Justin LOL was that I smelled one candle and I mentioned something about the "after smell" .. yeah .. I think I totes made that up.

And here's one more candle video that's a must see!

Then Justin and I headed over to Zumiez to check out some more sales.  I was wearing my Janoski's and one of the employees asked me if they were girls' or guys' and I said they were guys' since I don't think they make them for girls..?  And then I found a few shirts I wanted to buy but decided not to since I don't want to pay sales tax..srsly..who does that??

Once we were done walking around Justin took me back to Sloane's house since I had plans with my friend  John. Um.  Somehow he and I made our way back to the mall and since we didn't know what to do we smelled some candles! Haha. Except this time John would smell the candle and then try to guess what the scent was, that was pretty entertaining.

Um..before the mall I think is when we met up with some of his friends who were eating some type of food..but I was too full from In-N-Out when I had it with Justin so I only tried a bite of whatever it was .. and it was good.  It was like a bean quesadilla..?

Then John and I went out to SLC for a party and I saw a friend from my childhood there!  Ha.  That was pretty sweet.

Then on Sunday I went to church with Sloane and took this sweet picture with John:

It only took like 10 minutes to get it right, haha.  Then off to In-N-Out one last time and then picked up my cat poncho before heading to the airport.  Awesome weekend of straight up Provo chillin'.

Round three was a success and I'm ready to go back!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby Lips!!

So I saw that Trisha had this and wanted to try since I feel my lips are too dry for lipstick.  I can tell you now that I'm definitely a fan!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Taking things personally

Okay I will be the first one to say I can be rediculous at times.  I will even admit it when it's happening.  Take this status update of mine as an example:
Did I really think any of my friends would bring me a sandwich at 9 o'clock at night..?  No.  But still no shame in trying.  
Then for these examples in this video, I really wasn't that upset..or maybe I was..but I got over it fast.  Basically don't come in between me and my food.
Tell me in the comments below what you get cranky about and how you can be rediculous at times.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Week Two 2013

Day 8:

Oh Utah.  I went once in September and then again for Christmas and I literally had the worst luck.  Dare I try again..?


Day 9:
I'd like to think that I could make some of these videos/posts/etc. a bit interactive so I have some topics that I want other people to contribute to.  Here's the first one: learning things at an inappropriate age.  Let me know if you have any by leaving a comment on the that link!
Day 10:

Want to see all the crap I need to get rid of..? 
Day 11:
So this is an epic fail .. I haven't finished editing that video and who knows if I ever will. So we'll come back to this. Haha. What's even worse is that I put this under "Day 10" in this blogpost. SMH.
Day 12:
Click here to see my OOTN and to find out what me and Peter did!
Day 13:

Preparing for a busy week!

Day 14:
I bought some new gloves and listen to JT's new single...what do you think of them?  Tell me here!

TNA Gloves

I really really really really really really wish I had these for when I was in Utah for Christmas.  And I love TNA and Aritzia.  So bomb.

And tell me what you think of JT's new song, Suit and Tie.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

OOTN, Haunted House and Mr. Peter

Yeah I'm like in love with this outfit!  And dinner at PF Chang's was bomb for sure and it's always a good time with my BFF Peter!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What did you learn at an inappropriate age?

So in this video I list a few things that I learned about in what I think is too late in life.  There's definitely a few more examples I'll share at a later time but is there something that you learned as an adult that you probably should've learned at a younger age?  Or any examples like my "Biggest Loser" misunderstand?  Leave a comment below!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week One 2013

I would like to have blogposts at least once a week to share my videos and to elaborate on those and/or share links/pictures/what have you to make it all that it can really be. 

I don't think it's necessary to do a blogpost for each individual video because that's a lot of work and I work full time and have Miss Peytn.  So no.  That's not a likely scenario.

So here we go.  Week one of the year 2013!

Day 1:
Red Dawn (2012) Review .. SPOILER.

Day 2:
Yeah..I won't even put a link to that pathetic video.  I was soooooo sick and I felt gross, make up and hair was not done and I couldn't think worth a crap for anything.  And I didn't want to fail on the second day (even though I already failed on the first).

Day 3:
I kind of like my voice in this video.  Sick voices are entertaining to me. And here I explain my sick and failing of these things.

Day 4:
This video is a bit self explantory and I mention another video I posted before I started this daily thing and you can see that right heeeeeeeeeeeere. Bam.

Day 5:
I made pancakes for Peytyn and she surprised me by showing she can put it together herself!  Sadly I didn't get a video of the first time she did it, it was even cuter then! Click here to see how she likes her pancakes!

Day 6:
First dating story of the year!  This was  such a fail on my part but luckily he was understanding and awesome about it.  Since I have seperate pages for certain topics you can see that post here.
Day 7:
Yay a friend blog!  Trev is awesome and so is our favorite actor to watch movies with each other.  Did that make sense..? Go ahead and click here-ish to see that posting.

Trev and the Accidental Tradition

Sometimes Trev and  I like to watch movies together..okay it's been a few years..but when we do we only have one man on our minds.

BTW .. My eyelashes looked great today.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How Pey Makes Her Pancakes

I couldn't even begin to tell you how exxiting it was to watch Peytyn make her pancake! I'm so stoked to make videos in tribute to my Grandma Lucy those will be up around her birthday (February 13th). But for now here's a sneak peak of what's to come! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Red Dawn (2012) Review

For serious, does anyone else think that Emilio Estevez (b-t-dub, I totally spelled that correct without looking, baller) is missing from the original Red Dawn (1984)??

SPOILER: I know people were upset with the ending of the new Red Dawn (2012) and I was very upset that the oh so yummy Chris Hemsworth was sniped out (okay, I was disappointed with how he was killed because like..he's so BA!) But for reals now, people were upset that it wasn't totally wrapped up and I can see what they mean by it.  At first I was all "Shwaaa..?" but then I think that in all reality that there is, it's going to take more than this group of kids to stop a frikkin country to take over the US.  It was more of the meaning behind them and caring hope and faith to the people that are being attacked and moving forward together as a country and fighting off these Korean dudes who think they own them.  Unity people.  Unity.  For reals, I'll watch it again when it comes to "video" and I'll do a better review then.  Oh..I do remember the dude with the shallow palate totes bugged me.  I wouldn't want to take an anterior xray on the dude - it's funny, Peter noticed it too.