Thursday, January 31, 2013

Warm Bodies


First off I love James Franco, he was my first celebrity crush.  So I automatically have a soft spot for Dave Franco.  And I was shocked that they killed him off so quickly.  Obviously if R didn't eat Perry's brains then he wouldn't know how to navigate the city and whatever. Plus in the movie he was dating Julie, the chick that R saves and falls for.  There could've already been a "love at first sight" possibility with her regardless if R ate Perry's brains or not but having the repressed love that Perry kept buried inside himself allowed R to love her more, I think.  Obviously Perry and Julie had emotional issues since they both lost a parent because of the infection and to top it off Julie's dad killed her mom and Julie killed Perry's dad.  Lots of crazies in this story.  So with all this emotional trauma it was dividing everyone up.  Julie tried to hold Perry's hand at one point but he rejected it and it was apparent that he was too far gone.  So R ate his brain and was able to take the love Perry once have and heal the zombies.

Something that I did love was the language.  The use of swear words was perfect.  I hate when movies use strong language and it's like...why.  For example, 21 Jumpstreet was rated R because it dropped the f-bomb like every sentence.  Yeah, there are other inappropriate parts but it totally could've been PG-13.  So annoying. was pretty hilare.

I really loved Nicholas Hoult in the film.  I'm not an actor and I know I have no skills in acting but I can imagine it being difficult to act and not be able to speak for the majority of the film.  Every little muscle was in tune and his facial expressions and his eyes were so solid.  He also didn't have emotions to play with either.  Another difficult thing to do.  So congratulations on doing that right.

Overall I enjoyed the movie.  Something I would see again and probably own.  Seems like a solid movie.  It's different than other zombie movies out there and it's

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