Friday, February 1, 2013

OOTD and some non lovin' going on

Alright so I went into work since the front desk wasn't able to.  I had to quickly get to work since I didn't know I for sure doing it..but oh well it's okay.  I was only there for a few hours working on some things so no big deal on being the most ready that I could be.

And with this boy..oh geeze.  I don't know if he and I will ever get things right.  The last conversation we had it was like "no, we won't" haha.  But after all these years and attempts I feel like this time around it will be closure.  Before we were both is weird places in our life and now I feel like while we're both trying to progress as individuals now would be the time to make it or break it.  There's never really a good time for anything and while it would be easier for us to work things out if we had less going on in our lives, that's never going to happen.  I feel good about it all right now as I'm typing this.  A friend texted me and asked about me and this guy and said that we should get together.  That's when I told my friend (who's friends with us both) about our history and that it has come up before and has been an option now.  After discussing things with my friend I do feel good about letting this go.  

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