Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Jacob Relationship Test .. Or Prank??

This is Jacob.  Many of you may already know him but in case you don't he's a character from The Twilight Series and is portrayed by Taylor Lautner.

Sunday evening Peytyn and I arrived to our new home in Utah.  We moved here to be closer to my fiance Konnor.  Peytyn and I are temporarily living with Konnor's mother Terrie until we get our permanent place in a few months.

On Monday we were unpacking our things and at one point I noticed Terrie put a nail in the wall in the family room.  Obviously she was preparing to hang something.  But I really didn't think too much of it.  Later that night after putting Peytyn to bed (her room is on the other side of this wall) I came out and noticed the giant fabric poster of Jacob.  I sat on the couch to make sure Peytyn stayed in her new room and I told Konnor to go in and say good night to her since she wanted to talk to him.  When he came out of her room I asked him about the poster.  "Is that your mom's?"  He told me yes and had a grin on his face but I didn't think anything of it.  I mean, I saw her put the nail in the wall earlier that day.  I was just surprised because I didn't take her as someone who would put something up like this.  I can definitely think of some people who would, but I really didn't think she was one of them.  This also made me rethink leaving my large canvas poster from my Hollister days back in Portland (we can have a man wall!!).

The next day Terrie and I were talking and at one point in the conversation I complimented her Jacob poster.  She looked at me very seriously, shook her head and said "That's not my poster..."  Apparently someone  hung this poster up in the living room (which is the first room you walk into from the front door) and when Terrie saw it she decided that was not the best spot for it.  She thought Jacob was mine and didn't want to hurt my feelings so she decided to keep it up so everyone can see but in a less obvious spot.  Which is very thoughtful of her.  For almost 24 hours Konnor had us.  I'm glad that it didn't go on for weeks - that would've been embarrassing.  But it was pretty cool how it all played out.  It's almost like Konnor was testing us rather than pulling a prank .. but really .. it was a prank.  And I expect many more for the rest of my life.

Oh, the poster?  It was taken down rather quickly.