Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let Me Be Honest & Share This With You

So I just wanted to take the opportunity and be real for a minute (or 15...).  I wanted to make a video and when thinking about what I was going to say (I thought for almost 24 hours) I realized I just needed to put it all out (appropriately) and do it one video.  Give this video a chance because this is me being totally real and open..I even get teary eyed at one point.  I'll have a follow up video for Tuesday about why I'm blogging/vlogging that kind of wraps up part of this.

If you didn't watch the video you'll be confused by this next part, but I mention two photos I was talking about..and I really hope you watch the video now so you're like not fully confused haha.  It all makes sense, promise.
This one above is the one I submitted, it looks like me and it just seems "young and fresh"..?  Is that what I"m looking for?  I don't know.  But like I said, I feel like it's more "me".

This picture..I don't really think it looks like me all too much.  It's definitely a different style of photo but yeah.  Just doesn't really "represent" me.  Any of that make sense..?

Check out my blog for tomorrow to get the rest of the details on the contest and hopefully I'll have it all figured out on how to win.  Boom.  Thanks guys!

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