Monday, March 11, 2013

Week Ten 2013

Day 64
"Personal Space" fell in between two weeks since it was a two day post.

Day 65
Someone on YouTube asked me to do a Q&A video.  The first few questions I got were around my marriage and my views on premartial sex..not what I was thinking people would ask about, but whatevs.  Haha.  To submit questions for the next time I do this you can ask here.

Day 66
So I was having a weird day..I attempted to make a few different videos and non of the topics seemed to feel right.  So here I'm just kind of tired and a little emotionally drained.  This was actually the first time I really didn't feel like doing a video at all.  But it's interesting to see me a bit down I guess.  I'm human after all.
Day 67 & 68
I got a new projector and painted my room!  This definitely helped me feel much better after having a weird day on Thursday.  Check it here.

Day 69
What do I find sexy about a guy?  Hair.

Day 70
Guys..I can't even deal.  It's Daylight Savings again.

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