Friday, March 15, 2013


Alright .. I was going to wait until Sunday to share the theme for next week (since I'll be doing "theme" weeks sporadically) but whatever .. let's have a little preview.  And besides .. this doesn't really go along with the week anyways since this isn't relationship related .. well .. I did meet Brady on Tinder...(miss that post?  It's right here.)  But anyways .. he asked me how I liked Speakerfy, this app that Shaq chose as one of the two winners for "Pitch Shaq" during SXSW, so here I am..trying it out for the first time! 

[Here's a hint (lol): Watch part two to see the Speakerfy app in action.]

So just that alone is way sweet.  And I will tell you that I had "issues" but those were personal problems, haha, it had nothing to do with the app.  I was so caught up with wanting to play a certain song while trying it out for the first time .. but whatevs.  I'll share that below anyways.  Enjoy the videos, check out the app and let me know what you think!  

I totes need to have a party now so I can use my "new" speakers to have more sound downstairs.  And then I can play this song super loud!  Haha.
And then this one (song in the video):

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