Friday, March 1, 2013

Mommy Daughter Date Night!

Stuck in traffic is no good...
Sweet another blog post for today!  Miss P and I decided to go see a movie tonight and get out of the house.  She really hasn't been out much since she's been sick lately so it was a nice change for her.

So I decided to take her to Cinetopia .. this is the theater I prefer to go to since I love love love love the Living Room theaters that they have (with the exception of Vancouver Mall...).  They also have these Movie Parlor theaters that I haven't seen a movie in yet but have been wanting to for so long so finally today we did!  And man, are those seats comfortable!!  Totally in love.  I made sure to bring a blanket..not because I thought it would be cold but because it's always nice to cuddle with a blanket and be all snuggly.  I'll also do a review of the movie we saw (Escape From Planet Earth) another night when I have some more time.  
What the seats are like in this theater.
Cutie getting popcorn!
Time to snuggle =)
Then after the movie ended Pey and I went outside to the shopping center. My plan was to just go home then but Pey wasn't quite having it.  So we decided to share some froyo =) So yummy.  I always get chocolate with strawberries - def my fave.

It's cute too, I asked Pey if she wanted a strawberry (I had one on my spoon) and she politely declined .. but then asked me if I wanted some "chocolate" .. haha.  When I said "yes" she fed me some.  A minute later when she wasn't looking, I put some chocolate on her spoon (since it was empty) and when she looked back she smiled and took her bite.  And then she did it to me!!  Haha..she's so adorable..I LOVE cute moments like that!

And was time to spoil baby one more time.  After we finished our treat we were walking around the shopping center and they had the cutest little toy store, Piccolo Mondo Toys.  We went in to take a look and she found a Hello Kitty toy she wanted.  It was super soft and I could imagine it in our room when I'm done redecorating so I got it for her.  Haha.  And not because it matches what I want to do but it's pretty neutral and .. super soft.
Piccolo Mondo Toys
Happy girl!
Alright..then we did one last stop.  Since it's Friday I knew Ulta would be getting their shipment in..haha.  I was there on Monday to get some nail polish from the new OPI Euro Centrale Collection (I got "Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!" & "").  But they didn't have all the colors I wanted since they ran out.  So I stopped tonight to get them and now I'm wondering what I should do for my manicure next!  I also put links to what I got but OPI's website is only "" so's easy to maneuver so you'll be able to figure it out .. and for whatever reason OPI isn't listed on Ulta's website.  So yeah.
Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor "Pink Pop", NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper "Lindsay", Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color "White On", OPI "You're Such a Budapest", & OPI "Can't Find My Czechbook"
So that's it for this extra post for tonight!  I'll post my movie review within this next week.  For now, I'd recommend it for sure!  Have a great weekend everyone.

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