Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is Here

Before I get into today's post I want to share something my friend sent me after we were done hanging out today:
I also have one other Car Flirting story another friend of mine is going to share and that one even resulted in a marriage!  You just never know sometimes.  Oh yeah, Seth's last name isn't really "Tinder" .. but I bet you can guess why it is in my phone....

Anyways, now for some pictures from today!  Motorcycles are so fun.  We went to grab lunch at Panera Bread (so yum) and got some tecky stuff at Best Buy (needed two things for my projector and one thing for my car) and then we found some horses.  And by "found" I mean he plays polo and all the roads around the barn are way fun.  

Made a vine before heading out after Best Buy.  They need to allow links on those things.  Until then you can follow me on there to check those out.
I nerded it up by wearing my backpack for all my new toys for my projector .. Later I was able to keep my phone in that small pocket you see on my arm.  I normally keep my debit card and ID in that pocket on my lazy days when I don't want to carry a purse haha.
My view.

Um..yeah.  I'm surprised I don't look more scared.
Good thing we have so many helmets in our garage.  The extra one Seth has was a little big.
Mirror shot!
Why does this photo look so awkward (other than the fact I'm in it)?  Seth needed to open/close the gate to the barn and so I just stayed on as he did that.
But here I'm posing haha.  I srsly would love to have my own bike someday.  Just need to start small and build my confidence for it.

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