Monday, March 4, 2013

Personal Space

So here's the story of what happened last weekend...

And I did forget to mention a few other things..nothing major just like a "What...?" type things.

I had my make up done nicely.  Like..nothing too crazy just a "night" look but on the lower end of the scale.  Well..he noticed my make up and gave me a compliment saying it looked nice. sweet.  BUT THEN...he starts talking about how he used feel that girls should be "natural" but once he saw "natural" he thinks makeup is the way to go...if only I could say it in the tone of voice he said it.  Plus like..I would feel so self conscious being around him without makeup.  Like I would never want to go swimming around him unless I had one super dark tan and eyelash extensions in.  Srsly dude...too far.

And one other thing he threw into the end of the night..I guess when he was walking in to meet me he was thinking to himself "Please don't be fat.  Please don't be fat.  Please don't be fat.  Please don't be fat.  Please don't be fat."  Okay..again..thanks for making feel insecure about your views on healthy body image.

And here's the follow up video .. a few tips and stuff for meeting people for the first time .. more specifically from the internet or a blind date.  I have some more things but I'll add those later.

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