Saturday, March 9, 2013

Painted my room and got a new projector

So yeah, pretty self explanatory!  Haha.  I really hate the green walls I've had and so I finally got a new bed a few months ago and bought some new accessories for my room so it was definitely time to paint!  I got "Anonymous" Behr paint with the eggshell sheen.
And then this next video is the projector I got on Amazon.  I got the Acer X1161P 3D-DLP Projector.  It's sweet since I ordered it Wednesday and got it Friday!
The speakers I got were from QuiBids.  It's a penny auction website and I swear it works!  My ex and I used it all the time for things and it was pretty fun.  I recommend only doing it if you want whatever you're bidding for no matter what.  Like, if you want an iPad and are going to buy one regardless, try to win one on QuiBids first and then if you don't win, the money you spent bidding on the iPad you didn't win goes towards what you are already planning on buying.  That's really the smartest way to use this site.  I also recommend using it for gift cards.  That way you can buy the gift cards you didn't win but would use anyways.  Plus they have free shipping so worst case scenario you buy a restaurant gift card for full price that you'll spend regardless you best case scenario you get a full gift card for just a few pennies.

Last thing to mention about the video is the song I played when testing out the speakers with my laptop.  Nik and Ryan are filming their next video (this weekend maybe) and so there's a little preview of it.  It's a cover of Imagine Dragons' "Demons".  It's one of my favorite songs and I really like the cover they did!

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