Friday, March 22, 2013

Nike Haul 2

Finally!!  Cassie and I made it to Nike!! Here's the video of everything I bought and then below are a few more photos.

Mine and Cassie's stuff all in one cart.

My stuff at check out.
Cassie's stuff at check out.

Heaing into Nike Campus for the first time.
Cassie and I LOVED all the reserved parking spots, haha.
Cassie's stuff .. that teal shirt she has is the same one as I got last one, just a different color.
Our phone cases <3
The Koston's that Brent couldn't wait to wear.
 Then after I got home and done filming, Brooke took some photos of me "modeling" my near gear.



Then I started acting like a cat at one point...


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  1. love the photo shoot! oh how I wish I had gone there when I lived there and knew ppl who worked there. aiii You guys got so much stuff! :D