Monday, March 4, 2013

Week Nine 2013

Day 57
Don't know what "car flirting" is?  Check it out here.  And no, it's not when you're in a car flirting with someone that's with you.  It's a tad bit different than that.

Day 58
Casual OOTN found here.

Day 59 & 60
What I did when I was wearing that outfit .. ya know, that Tinder App...?  Well, it got me a date - Tinder Date.

Day 61
February Glossybox unboxing and review.

Day 62
Pey and I had a ladies night on Friday so here's video with some details but here's the blog post for that.

Day 63
Another two day post .. about .. personal space.  Srsly .. this was embarrassing.

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