Sunday, April 13, 2014

Megan's Prom Hair & Makeup

A few weeks ago I did my cousin Megan's hair and makeup for prom.  I was excited when she asked me to do it since I miss doing my sister Brooke's makeup.  Brooke and Megan are actually the same age and we call them "twin cousins" since they were born only about an hour or two apart.  Plus Megan is so pretty already and I LOVE her hair color.  Megan wanted a smokey eye without it being too dark and for her hair she wanted a half updo with curls.  She showed me a few photos she found off Pinterest and between all of them this is the hairstyle I came up with:
(Click to enlarge photos.)

For her eyes I used the first Naked Palette by Urban Decay.

For Megan's hair I parted a large section that was going to be pulled back.  From that, I parted three sections, two smaller sections on the sides with one large section on the top of her head.  The two smaller sections on the side I french braided towards the back of her head.  I teased the large section on top to give it volume and pulled it back into a small hair tie.  With the two braided side sections I started to weave them back and forth over the hair tie to hide it.  I really had no plan as to what I was doing other than hiding the hair tie.  I really loved how it turned out and it actually reminds me of the Neverending Story.  For the curls I wrapped 1-inch sections around my curler.

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