Friday, April 4, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So I saw Captain America: The a Winter Soldier last night with Konnor, Drew and Aubrey (yay for double dates!) and overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I hate lines in movies where someone is fighting off the bad dudes and someone asked where they were and they say something dumb like, "I had to take a detour." Well, that did happen a few times in this movie but not as much as I thought it would. So I was very pleased about that. 

The comedy in the movie was great. I remember lol-ing pretty good a few times. 

The one part about the movie that I'm having an internal struggle with is Chin Han's character. My insides are just so torn and confused as to WHY HIM. Okay, I get WHY HIM. But still. This isn't like Captain America's slight cameo during Thor 2 (WHICH I LOVED) this is just..MARVAL AND DC CROSSOVERS ARE WEIRD. Marvel to Marvel, cool. DC to DC, do it. But Chin Han playing the same type of character in The Dark Knight and Captain America makes me anxious. I want to say I loved it but my emotions are so conflicted. The only difference between Han's characters are their names. Well, I guess his role in Captain America isn't evil since he and all the other council members seemed to be against the idea of HYDRA. But the fact that he plays a foreign Asian investor...

And I thought I would be able to put my anxiety to ease by thinking that DC and Marvel could exist in the same world but then I realized that Han died in both movies! I knew he would have two different names and I thought I could look past that and pretend all these things can crossover but they can't. 

I do love when characters and storylines connect through different movies - even if a character in one movie makes a reference to another movie they're in even though they are two COMPELTELY different movies, stories, time period, etc. (I'll insert an example here for when I think of one). But this. I can't. I just can't. I want to like it. My brain says it's okay. But my heart feels like Batman was cheated on. And we all know how I feel about Batman. I mean, my wedding date is July 18th. 

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