Monday, April 1, 2013

Girl Date with Cassie

Thursday Morning:
Matching sweatshirts and necklaces.
Manicure at America's Tire
Mac Bronzer & Mac Lustre Drops
Instagram that got me hooked on the shirt I bought.  I have yet to find the one that got me wanting the one that I ordered and I don't see if on their website to show you on here.  I'll post a pic once I get it.
Thursday Afternoon: 
Cody came over to chill and helped me hang a few things in my room to get that moving along.  Here's something that we started .. I need to go and get a few more shelves .. it's going to be super sweet once it's done:

Sent Cassie a few sample photos for approval.

Thursday Evening:
Cassie came over and then we went to chill.  The plan was to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and then a movie but we weren't super hungry so we went to the mall first to kill time before the movie.  We got some Jamba and I was able to find some "leather" legging/jeggings at H&M for my tops I bought that morning at Aritzia.  Then we went to Cinetopia to see Silver Linings Playbook.  It's sweet because weekdays Cinetopia does $6 movies in the Movie Parlor room so we got a sweet deal!  Too bad the food we ordered was expensive .. but whatever, it all evens out though!

Nike for days.
Movie Parlor seating.  This one is about half the size of the one me and Pey sat in when we saw Escape From Planet Earth (blogpost here).
Where Cassie and I sat.  Yes, it's close but when you lay down it really isn't bad.
But yeah, still way close!
Ordering some food now that we're hungry!
Definitely recommend the hummus and quesadilla! 
After the movie.

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