Thursday, April 25, 2013

Creeper Photos

So I felt like talking about creeper photos.  I promise it's not something I do often.  Mostly just when I'm bored.  Whenever I'm on a plane I get so bored and I'm super fidgety and stuff.  I'm really curious what the guy on the way to Utah was thinking about everything I was doing and changing what I was doing every two minutes.

Here's the video and then a few photos to follow:

Alright, here are the photos I took..again..we don't have shame here but I also don't do this often:
So .. none of you know who Connor is or what he looks like other than this dude right here. But I really thought this was my brother's friend when I was leaving PDX.  Bummer my phone was turned off or else I would've gotten a waaaaaay better photo.
You see it, yeah?

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