Sunday, April 14, 2013

Utah Comes to Portland

Creeper Photo .. lol
So I normally don't do "real time" blogs when it comes to dates but he said it was okay plus it was really random and crazy with what happened so I thought I would share it.  The main thing about not sharing dates when they actually happen has to do with letting things happen naturally on their own but as you will see these vlogs are more about what we did rather than what's going on between us.  

First video is one I made when I was on my way to the airport to pick him him.  I really was unsure if I would ever share this video .. or if I did I was expecting it to be at least six months from now.

Now here's a more detailed video of how we met...

Haha..yeah .. so as I mentioned I stumbled across Rick's season of The Mormon Bachelor before even realizing I had already been talking to him.  Funny how things all work out.

Yes .. I can be detailed when sharing stories and these two videos are of just the first night!  I try to just stick to the main details when it comes to sharing stories but I also want to be able to remember things for the future. That's why I do a post on here so I can keep the videos shorter .. I'm just still working on balancing it all out.

With that said, here are a few photos from dinner:
Feeding Rick
In case you wanted a close up...

You had one job .. and that was to get me a Chalupa .. Only two points away.

So .. I totally forgot to mention that the first thing we did downtown on Saturday was go to Potbelly!!  Those sandwiches are AMAZING!!  Then Rick got caught up with disposing the trash...haha
Trash/Recycle/Compost .. He's new to Portlandia
We put birds on things.
Melanie working on that Triforce
Left is right after getting it done and then the right is taking off the wrap the following morning.  It then darkened on the skin the next few days.
After taking this picture Rick says "That's so gross!"
Rick sent me this picture after I dropped him off at the airport saying "I'm still confused..."

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