Monday, April 8, 2013

What I Should've Done

Here's the story of what not to do or what you should do.  Both perspective of things.  Like, learn from me and this dude I talk about.  I've mentioned this story before like in my Personal Space post so here it is!

This first video is the background information .. not super important to the story but just to give you an idea of why part of the "non date" was annoying:

This next video is the actual .. outing.  I wish I had mentioned what movie we went to see so you all have a clear idea of how important this was to me. But then again for privacy for the dude (not like he's ever going to see this or anyone will ever know who it's about..minus the like..three people who I told) I will keep that information to myself.  But go ahead and take a stab at what movie you think it is.

The last few details of the night along with more things that followed.  

I wasn't sure what our text conversation was about when I got home that night so I went back to take a looksy and it appears I was wrong about parts of the conversation so here it is (again, dates are clear for "privacy" reasons ... and his name is not "Dude".  But I'm sure you can guess why I put that haha).  And I'm guessing the movie was at 10:40pm.  Glad we got that one cleared up:

For serious.  What the hell does that mean?

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