Saturday, March 22, 2014

IPSY Review March 2014

This is everything that came in my IPSY bag this month.  The makeup bag itself is "m'eh" .. I prefer some of the ones I've received in the past more.  The lotion was yet another lotion that they sent me.  It's not like you can have too many lotions, I mean, because of IPSY I have a lotion in my by my at my desk..another in a purse..etc.  I'm just good for lotions for awhile.  This one does smell good, it's Indian Coconut Nectar.  I like it.  Just not super impressed.
I love lipstick samples.  I think they're soooo cute!  This was a good "mature" color.  Very smooth to put on and I loved the quality.
I have received a few different Be A Bombshell makeup products in the past through IPSY and so far I have liked every one of them.  I particularly love the bottom left color.  It's different than what I already have and it's like a terracotta color.  It's probably my favorite part of this whole bag.
Now this..I was not that impressed with.  I'm a fan of OPI's Liquid Sand and this just doesn't compare (in my opinion).  It's a different type of texture than Liquid Sand so I can appreciate that and the attempt to make a variety but this just didn't do it for me.  The only useful thing I can see myself using this as is an Easter nail look since the texture reminds me of Easter Candy.  I do like the blue color a lot it's just the texture and the dark blue speckles in it that I don't like.  Anyone nearby want this?
Overall I'm happy with this bag.  I've liked others more but for $10 I'm happy.

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