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Empty: Mac Mineralize Moisture Foundation

My current foundation.
The majority of my face makeup is MAC.  Ever since I was a teenager I've always used MAC foundations.  I typically stick with something once I like it because I know I can rely on it.  I'm always open to trying new things but I always have something on hand that I know I love.  I have dry skin and when I went into MAC for the first time as a teenager I was directed to their Mineralize Foundation.  I totally loved it and for years I used it and would go through two a year.  I was happy with the 6 month life span of my foundation and it was easy, every May and November I would know I needed to repurchase my foundation.  Then this one time..it was prior to May and I knew I was going to need some more foundation soon and since I was at the mall already I thought I would pick some up.  Well, MAC discontinued the foundation that I had always used.  I didn't buy anything that day and later returned and bought the Pro Longwear Foundation.  I did like this new foundation but it is pretty different than the Mineralize Foundation.  

One day as I was browsing through my YouTube Subscriptions I came across a new video by GossMakeupArtist about the new MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation!!  I was pretty excited and next chance I had I went off to the makeup counter at the mall to pick some up.  Well..the woman working had no clue what I was talking about .. so I just figured it just hadn't released yet even though I was pretty certain it already had. Aaaaaand it did.  A few weeks later I tried again at the MAC store and my main man Christian over there hooked me up.  (He confirmed how odd it was that the woman at counter at the mall didn't know what I was talking about.)  I bought it in NW20 (yup...I'm pale).

I bought this foundation I believe March of 2013..it may have been February or April but I'm pretty certain it was March.  I do need to explain that when I was using the old version of this foundation I wore it every day and it lasted six months.  This foundation did last me a year but I don't use it every day.  I use it most days but sometimes I do use my Pro Long Wear Foundation or a tinted moisturizer.  I think I've used five different foundations this past year (this is the only empty between all of them) so it makes total sense that it lasted a year and why it was the first to be done.

I mentioned earlier that I have dry skin and I really loved this foundation.  If you have oily skin..just..don't.  You won't like it.  It has a dewy finish and I love love love how my skin looks with it on.  And with that said I could just see someone with oily skin really not liking it.

The coverage of the foundation I think is perfect (for me).  I like how my face looks fresh but it's not piled on and makes me look super fake.  So it's great.

MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation NW20
Something I recommend
So I know you can do this at Nordstrom and at the MAC stores but for other brands and retailers..I'm not sure they do this.  But often times when I buy makeup at the MAC counter or retail store I get a sample of something.  I haven't always been offered samples but it all started when I went to the counter to buy the new foundation and the woman didn't know what I was talking about.  I did end up buying a few other things that I wanted and one of those things was a highlighter.  She showed me the Lustre Drops and I really liked it and when she went to grab me one to take home they didn't have any.  She ordered one to be shipped to my house (for free) and then also loaded up one of the sample containers for me to take home.  That was really awesome since I was able to use it right away plus get the one I ordered within a few days anyways.

Then a few weeks later when I bought the foundation from Christian at the MAC store I also bought a few other things I needed and one of the products he showed me was this eye cream.  I didn't end up buying it only because I gave myself a budget to stick with and I didn't want to go over that budget.  But he offered a sample of it to along with what I purchased.  And it was awesome.  He also gave me another sample on a separate occasion for some foundation since I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it or not.

Now what I recommend is when it comes to purchasing foundations whether it's at a MAC store, a makeup counter at Nordstrom counter or any place where someone actively helps you buy foundation (or any other makeup) is to first arrive with no foundation on at all.  Or at least put minimal on so you can wipe if off once you get there.  That way you can try it out before you buy it.  Plus it's a great way to get the best color match for you skin.  Once it's applied you can have your initial reaction to how it looks and whether you like it or not.

If you're not sure about the foundation you're trying out, I wouldn't recommend buying it.  Yeah, Nordstrom has a GREAT return policy but I feel like people often abuse it.  Instead ask for a sample in a little pot and take their card so that way if you do want to buy it you can purchase it from who initially helped you and the commission goes to the right person.  The sample pots are pretty small but they hold enough product for you to use it enough times to figure out if you like it or not.  This is also a great way to save your own money in case you're lazy and don't get around to returning it or you feel bad so you don't return it or whatever the reason.  Of course though if you're at the counter/store and you know you like it, buy it.

Will I Repurchase?
Hellsyeah.  And I'm actually going to see about getting a sample of a different foundation as well so I can see what else of theirs I like.  I've only used three of their foundations so far but only two were on myself.  I bought my friend a foundation from MAC to use for her wedding and so I've never tried it on myself yet.

What I Didn't Like
After completing this blogpost I realized I forgot to mention any negatives about this product.  And my only "thing" is it doesn't look empty!  Normally with most of my makeup you can see the product is running out because it's not up and along the sides anymore.  This one still looks full from the outside.  I knew it was getting low since I've had it for a year but a visual indication would've been nice.  And my bottle has been standing upright for long enough that if the foundation was up along the sides it would've ran down by now.  I guess the plus side of this though is that it doesn't look junky and empty.  But really..I'm the only one that sees this though.

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