Friday, March 21, 2014

Empty: Lush Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo

Another thing that's [almost] empty!  But by empty I mean it's almost all lathered up since it doesn't come in a container.  And that's my Lush Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo.

When I purchased this I was looking for something to help "repair" my scalp.  After more than a year of trying to not wash my hair everyday my scalp was left super gross - even after I washed it.  I tried washing my hair every other day, every two days, every three days, etc. and it's just not for me.  I was told it gets worse before it gets better but this was not the case.  I even talked to my hairstylist about it and while she would prefer me to not wash my hair everyday it seemed that she agreed with me that I needed to.

It wasn't just oily was just so gross and before I tried to skip around with my shampoo schedule my hair/scalp was perfecting fine.  Now it is's actually much better now and I noticed a difference because of this shampoo.  It really helped clear up the grossness that built up and I was very happy with the results.

I bought this solid shampoo back in November and I am now starting to run out of it.  I still have many more uses out of it but decided to go buy another one for when I need it.  I went into Lush the other day to repurchase it and when I was reading the description of the shampoo I got confused.  Back in November I told the dude that was working what I was looking for and he recommended this one.  But now when I was reading the description it really didn't click with as to why he recommended it.

A sales associate walked over to me and asked what I was looking for and I told her I came in to buy another Jumping Juniper but then got confused when I read what it "was good for".  I told her what I was looking for and she recommended the Godiva solid shampoo.  That was one that stood out to me before she walked over since it seemed to be what I wanted in a shampoo.  I decided to buy the Godiva solid shampoo because it seems like it would be a better fit for me and my needs.  I was told if it doesn't work for me the way I want it to, I can return it.  I normally wouldn't "fix what ain't broke" but since I feel like Jumping Juniper helped me A LOT, I felt like maybe something else of theirs could help me even more.  So I'll try this one out and see how it works for me.  I have high hopes that this will work for me even better than what I had before and if not, I'll go back to Jumping Juniper or maybe try another shampoo.

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