Monday, March 24, 2014

Cult Cosmetics: Mad About Malibu Blackbox Review

A few weeks ago I saw a Cult Cosmetics Facebook status for their Blackbox.  This status had a coupon code so I could order this months Mad About Malibu Blackbox for just a penny.  I first saw Cult Cosmetics on Facebook back when they first were getting started and I was intrigued.  At the time I was doing both IPSY and Glossybox and while I wanted to try Blackbox, I didn't.  I already had two monthly subscriptions and adding Blackbox wasn't on my mind then.  I was very interested but thought I would wait.  Especially since I didn't know if I would like the product or not.  So when I saw the penny deal I was all in.  I still needed to pay the $5 shipping charge but it was whatever.  I knew I was getting two full size nail polishes (normally $12 each) and a BH Cosmetics makeup palette (which is now on sale for $6.95).  I had always wanted to try BH Cosmetics and since I hadn't yet I was even more inclined to do this offer.

The normal price for this Blackbox is $19.99 plus $5 for shipping.  I would definitely say that for these products that is reasonable.  I wish the shipping was already included in the price rather than being separate.  I mostly say that because Glossybox and IPSY (and probably other monthly subscription boxes) have the shipping included (or free, however you wish to look at it) in the price.

I definitely would order from Cult Cosmetics again especially since my box included another coupon code but this time for free shipping on my next box!  Perfect, right??  I really like their Valentine's Nail Art Kit but one of the three colors from that one was in the box I just received.  So..we'll see what they come out with in the future and maybe I'll get another.

I do recommend this for a gift.  If you know someone that's into nail polish this would be a great gift for them!  I posted a few photos below to show you what it all looks like.  And I forgot to mention above that I do really like the nail polish - a lot.  A lot a lot.  I did one coat of PCH and two for Avalon and I'm really excited to wear Avalon on all my nails this spring!
What was inside my Blackbox.  BH Malibu Eyeshadow & Blush Palette, PCH Nail Polish, Avalon Nail Polish and a Cult Cosmetics sticker.
A look inside the Malibu Palette.
PCH is the main color with Avalon for the accent nail.  I then added one of my favorite OPI polishes (The Living Daylights) to the tips of my thumb and ring finger.

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