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Thor: The Dark World (Theatrical Review)

**The majority of this was written right after I saw the movie and then I completed it on Monday.  And it was supposed to be shared Tuesday .. and now it's Wednesday.  So basically, such is life.**

To continue on from my makeup post from Monday (click here to see) I wanted to share a review of "Thor: The Dark World".  Before we do this I want to say that this first part will be spoiler-free and then the later part will contain spoilers but I'll make it very clear when that will start so I don't spoil the movie for anyone.  I also want to state that I really hate going into movies with high expectations and overhype and stuff so the first part will also be "tame" in that area.  #yourewelc

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  I felt like it had a good variety of emotions and balance of comic relief.  I did have low expectations of this movie based off the first one but couldn't miss my boyfriend--er Chris Hemsworth--and the chance to see his shirt off (oh that totally happened btw).  Also because of all the connecting Marvel movies like the Avengers and stuff I wanted to stay in the loop.  For those who saw Avengers without seeing Captain America/Thor/The Hulk/Ironman you were probably "okay" but still not totally clued in on who the hell Loki was.

Annnnnnnyways.  I was satisfied with the choice of casting and the performances each of the actors gave.  I particularly love the addition of Chris O'Dowd - his character had a nice touch to the film and I just really adore him as an actor (I would probably be depressed to see him as "bad guy" but we'll see how his career grows, in which case that part is inevitable).

I stated previously that there was a good variety of emotion which includes wanting to cry (this was a predictable scene but beautifully done), laughing (the comic relief was refreshing and I didn't feel like it was forced) and it was even jaw dropping - there was one incident that I was not expecting and was truly shocked and seriously..movies often don't make my jaw drop (one other example would be Carlisle's death during Breaking "Dawn Part Two"..yeah..I said it!).  The anxiety level wasn't too bad (after recovering from "Olympus Has Fallen" I feel like it takes more for me to get stressed out during a movie) but it was still thrilling during the war scenes, because those are always exciting.

I also loved the costumes and the makeup.  My favorite wardrobe was the Dark Elves' armor.  They had these cool helmet/mask things that I just loved so much.  I really don't know why.  But seriously, the overall look of the wardrobes were spot on for me.  I loved all the accessories and how the different warriors represented their realm.
I really didn't notice any flaws or plots holes in the film.  There were a few minor details but they were probably done for dramatics but I'm guessing most people wouldn't think twice about it.

As always Stan Lee makes an appearance and it's something I always appreciate and honestly I would do that to if I had my work being made into a movie.

My most favorite part of the movie and the reason why I can't sleep while I'm typing this is because of the setup for the next film!!!!!!  I'm so excited for the next installment of this madness.  It's like, you know there are trilogies and franchises and crap.  Well while this is a franchise, technically, right?  It's so much more complicated than that.  It's not like Star Wars 1-6 .. or Indiana Jones 1-3 (that last one doesn't count - we all agree to forget that ever happened).  This is like..Ironman 1 & 2 .. Captain America .. The Hulk 1 & 2 (wait..did that last one "count"?), Thor 1 & 2 .. and it's just so much more to keep up with almost.  I wouldn't even be surprised if I missed one of them (okay..I did..I first wrote "Ironman 1 & 2" .. and that last one did count regardless of all the issues I had with - why release a "Christmas movie" in May?!? Oh and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. .. I'm not sure if that counts or not.  I have yet to watch it.).  After posting to Facebook about being excited about Thor 3 or Avengers 2 (whichever one picks up right where Thor 2 leaves off) one friend confirmed Avengers 2 will be pick it up.  But it also sounds like Captain America 2 will come out before then.  I'm normally on top of these things but .. I'm clearly not on my game right now.  It's also cool because with all these movies in this franchise each one has a little snippet after the credits and although we already knew before seeing this that there will be more movies this little snippet gives you what the story line will be about..sort of.


Go away....

If you haven't seen Thor: The Dark World yet.......

You are welcome to return once you see it................

Okay leggo......

OHMUHGERD.  I seriously loved this.  I really had such low expectations haha..that wasn't even a joke!  Had I based my expectations off of The Avengers they wouldn't have been so low but I still would've loved it.  I'm ready to go see it again.  I'm ready to own it.  There were so many "right" things about this film.  Now, it wasn't perfect but I'm just so happy with the movie that the itty bitty things don't even matter.  I just try to find things wrong with it so I can appear to know what I'm talking about.  But really, I do.

Where to begin....

In the beginning, I believe it's Odin's (not to be confused with Oden..what a loser...) voice explaining ..'s Thor's voice..Thor is explaining how his "father's father" took out the Dark Elves and the Aether.  But really neither were taken out but just tucked away for a bit.  And I liked how the history was portrayed .. visuals but also clear bullet points of what's going on.  And it wasn't overly complicated like .. oh what's the movie .. okay I can't remember the movie but I saw in the past year or two and it was just too could've been explained more simply and just .. no.  No.  So luckily this wasn't like that at all.

Let's talk about the crying..okay..I didn't cry but I also expected Frigga to die.  I honestly thought she was dead before the first Thor but guess not.  I did love her character and portrayal of her done by Renee Russo.  And I loved the emotion of the scene and even the choregraphy between her getting stabbed and Thor's hammer upsidin' Malekith which left a killer scar.  Holy crap I loved his face after that - not because of what it symbolized but because how it looked.  That was siiiiick but not overdone.  I'm thinking Halloween face makeup for it even.
Now during the scene before Frigga's death when all the Dark Elves are storming the place killing all of these warriors I'm thinking "Man, I wonder how they clean this all up, so many bodies."  And THEY SHOWS IT.  Okay they don't "shows" it..entirely.  I seriously loved the funeral scene.  It definitely made top 7 of my favorite scenes (I do not have an official list - or number even, 7 just sounded good).  We hardly ever see this part in war movies and the funeral was beautiful.  She looked stunning and they floated her away and before the archer sent her flame, I was thinking "Dang, now they just need floating lanterns."  Bam archer goes, bam more floating caskets and bam there go the balls of energy or what into the sky that was lifted up by civilians.  So basically it was cooler than the "floating stars" or lights or whatever Repunzel calls them (you would think I would know since I've seen that movie so many times).  The energy they used really beautifully represented each fallen soldier's soul and by it being energy not only did it correlate with their weapons and force shields it was like they are now stars in their universe, looking down on them like angels...was that too much?  Hahaha.  Seriously though, GREAT scene.  I dare someone to do it better..but they will fail.

Loki.  Loki might be one of my favorite villains.  Tom Hiddleston does such a great job.  His character isn't super appealing like Thor is and so he has a harder role in my opinion, probably the hardest in this film.  I loved the character "development" throughout the movie.  I can't fully say it's development but wasn't sure what else to call it.  He obviously has his walls up when he uses his illusions and while Loki acts like he doesn't love his mother you can see how broken down he really was.  Loki's reaction to the news of her death was really emotional - but his back was turned to the camera.  The effects of the furniture being thrown and the intensity of his body language and the audio of it all..just perfect.  It's what films need.  (I really didn't love the President's and son's reaction to when the First Lady died in "Olympus Has Fallen" .. that was just, annoying and like they didn't try that hard.)

Yes..I started a new paragraph but we're staying with the Loki topic but just breaking it up.  So question, is Odin dead or locked away somewhere?  I'm not surprised that Loki survived his "death" and was hoping he would.  I didn't think Loki would be killed off like Agent Phil Coulson was (which I still have mixed feelings about).  And while this is the "last" scene of the movie I'm really curious how it will play out in the next part of this story line.  How long will he pretend to be Odin?  Will he just force everyone to accept him as King?  Yeah he and Thor could duel it out since no one else could go up against him.  But Loki must have a plan to eliminate Thor before becoming King Loki.  Oh..btw..Thor, please.  Be King.  I know that it's part of the story line and all and crap and whatever...because with Loki being Odin at this point it helps move this along.  BUT WHO WOULD BE KING?  If they could've addressed who would be King after Odin I would've been a bit more satisfied.  That is a discussion that needs to happen.  I can accept Thor not "wanting" to be King or whatever his reason .. but he needed to have a solution because Odin..wait..are these dudes immortal if they don't get stabbed or lasered?  Odin talks about Jane being mortal .. but how old do immortals age?  Because Odin is starting to look a bit crusty and that dude Malekith only looked like he matured slightly since Odin's dad knocked him out. I'm confused.  And I'm wondering how many of the realms are mortal and how many are immortal.  Because technically Earth is part of a realm since it was one of the realms within the these are some fluid thoughts I just came up with.  So just go with it.

Oh comic relief and Richard .. overall I LOVED all the comedy throughout the film.  It wasn't like super hilarious but was done so well.  It's not like the movie "needed" it but it really helps keep a good balance of emotions.  And in the beginning of the movie when I saw Chris O'Dowd as Richard I was already happy to see him but then he popped up later and I loved it.  "Who's Richard?" - Thor

I know there are many many many more things to discuss about "Thor: The Dark World".  But perhaps I'll make another blogpost after seeing it again.  I'm ready to see it again in theaters and there's a chance I will.  But I'll write again for sure once I buy it on Blu-ray .. then I'll be able to take notes and really get into all these details!

Live long and proper. -DailyGrace

Yes..I know it's the wrong franchise.

The other night I ended my review at that but then remembered two things.  Topless Chris Hemsworth and "Captain America's" appearance.  Plus I read Alynda Wheat's review of the movie in People Magazine and something made me laugh.

So naughty little Thor took his shirt off for one scene.  One short scene.  What.  A.  Tease.  Obviously they *needed* his abs to make an appearance but it wasn't like, overload.  And I feel silly for using the word "overload" because really..can there ever really be too many abs?  But in all seriousness I hate when movies do things that are unnecessary.  It made sense for him to have his shirt off in his chambers .. but any other time during the movie it would be pointless.  I did notice that after that scene, he then switched from long sleeves to no sleeves at all on his armor.  But then he switched back to the sleeves.  It's kind of like they helped us transition back to him wearing all his clothes.  So thank you for that.  And I now may have become an "arm" person.  Haha.  Just kidding.  Sexy backs will  probably always be my thing.

Getting back to Loki and the amazingness of Tom Hiddleston .. seriously might be my new obsession.  I just want to dedicate this whole post to him because he did such a great job.  And now that I'm thinking about his performance I'm remembering more things I wanted to mention in this post.  While this next portion is more about the writing the acting is just as important in the sense of bringing the screenplay to life.  I really appreciated Loki making the illusion of him being Captain America.  It was surprising and just a fun way to intertwine these different stories.  Also the part when Loki cuts off Thor's hand.  Holy crap my jaw dropped and then I saw no blood and realized that it was just an illusion and was like smirking and thinking "well played Loki, well played".  I loved that the story line wasn't too predictable.  Yes, I was able to figure out that Thor didn't really lose his hand but I didn't think Loki would "go against the plan" and that part surprised me.  And that was sweet.  Especially since it drew out the emotion of "But how does he use his hammer now?".  Haha.

Today when I was reading People Magazine I read the review for this movie.  There's a line towards the end of the article that says "...Chris O'Dowd shows up in a hilarious throwaway role."  HAHAHAHA LMBO.  It appears that Alynda and I are on the same page and have the same love for O'Dowd.  The reviews in People are short so the fact Richard's character got a mention just made me gush with excitement.  I just love O'Dowd.

Okay yes I think the over all gist is here and scattered like always.  Scattered and full of passion (I hope that's how it reads anyways).  I might see this again in theaters, if I do it will be within the next two weeks.  But this is a definite purchase for me.

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