Monday, November 11, 2013

"Thor: The Dark World" Inspired Makeup

So last Friday night I saw "Thor: The Dark World" and before going to see it I thought it would be fun to do makeup inspired by the Movie.  The image I based my look off of is this one:
I knew I wanted red as the transition with grey on the center lid and black on the inner/out corners.  I ended up with something a bit different than what I had intended but loved what I came up with.  Now that I've seen the movie I have an idea for another look so maybe that one I'll do the darker out edges - but we'll see.

Now, this blogpost is different than the past for a few reasons.  One being I took photos as I went about doing my makeup and I also found probably the best way I can utilize my phone to take photos.  And you'll see as the photos progress I get better with the lighting.  I used a mirror similar this to improve my photo quality/give truer colors to my look:
At first I was using my back facing camera and had it towards me and used the mirror's reflection to get what I wanted in the frame.  The colors were more true this way compared to my last few makeup posts but not quite there.  Then at one point I tried using the same camera but instead took a picture of my actual reflection.  This way I was closer to light and the colors were more true.  I still prefer this look in person but I was very pleased that I was able to figure out a better way of getting the colors/blending to show up better in photos.  I even got a compliment from a friend on Facebook about it!!  So that was neat.  So let's get on with the look.

Here is the completed look (I love my glow in the dark Avengers shirt - little boy's section of Wal-Mart).
See the "eclipse" in my eyes?  Yeah..that's the reflection of the light in my eyes.  Yet this photo is a reflection of my eyes in the mirror...reflectception?
First I filled in my eyebrows (slightly .. I still haven't gone in on the bold brow trend) with "Hazelnut".  I then put Pro Longwear Concealer all over my lid and up to my brow as an eye shadow base.  Since I don't have a red eyeshadow I improvised a bit.  A few months ago in my IPSY bag I received a Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in the color "Big Apple" so I applied it in my crease and blended it out with a tapered brush.  I built up the color until I was satisfied.  These first two photos are a few layers of blending.  
Here are photos of the product and brush I used along with more of the lip balm on in my crease before blending.
Bam.  It's all blended.
For the rest of the look I used "Virgin" (far left), "Creep" (second from right) and "Gunmetal" (far right) for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. (Um..I saw photos of Naked3 and holy crap.  Pleas please please please Santa Clause..PLEASE.  Oh I still would love Naked2, Vice 2, and the Shattered Face Case.)
With a flat shader brush I applied Gunmetal all over the lid, not going into the crease.
With a blending brush I blended that all together with Creep.
And just like with the lip balm I built up the color.  Start off with a little on the brush, work it in and then when needed pick up more color with your brush .. repeat until you get it as dark as you want.
My eyes so far at this point:

At this point I stopped with my eyes (oh and I totally was winning tonight because I had NO FALLOUT).  When you're careful you don't need to clean up and sometimes I clean up my line and make a straight edge on my outer corners but with this one I wanted to keep it "blown out".  At this point I applied my Mineralize Moisture Foundation all over with a stippling brush.  And I meant to get a photo of this next part but totally forgot!  But the left photo below shows what it looks like afterward.  I applied the Mac Prep+Prime Highlighter Pen in "Bright Forecast".  I put this on as a triangle shape beneath my eye.  One edge of the triangle goes down the side of my nose, one edge is parallel to my eye and the third edge is the diagonal connecting the two lines.  I blended it out with a small tapered stippling brush.  The photo on the right [slightly] shows where I put my Pro Longwear Concealer to continue to conceal my under eye area.  Putting concealer all over down there doesn't totally help because while you're covering the dark parts you're also highlighting them as well.  (Thanks to Wayne Goss for that tip!)  And along with Christian's (my main dude at the local Mac store) advice I built up the concealer little by littler until I was satisfied.  I used a very very very very very small concealer brush to place it and blend it out.  I also used my foundation stippling brush to blend when needed.  And then set all of that with Bare Minerals Veil.
After I completed the rest of my face makeup (which is listed below) I applied a black pencil liner to my tight line and waterline.

Following that I applied Gunmetal with a pencil brush to smoke it out and I also put Creep right on the liner with a small angled brush.
With a black liquid liner I very subtly lined my top lash line:
For mascara I used Tarte's "Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara" and I also placed Virgin as my brow highlight and inner corner.
For the rest of my face I set my foundation with Mac's Mineralize Foundation/Loose; contoured with Mac's Bronzing Powder by placing it in the hallow of my cheeks, beneath my jaw and then around my hairline; put Mac's "Springsheen" on the apple of my cheeks and for an extra glowy highlight I put Lustre Drops in "Sun Rush" on my cheekbone starting about the outer third of my eye and curved up to about the midline of my eye.  I made sure to blend it all out so it didn't look all gross and stuff. 
For my lips I grabbed a random lipgloss that I got in one of my IPSY bags.
Aww..Thor makes me happy.