Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mermaid Makeup

For Halloween this year Peytyn and I are going to be mermaids!  I had a few other ideas at first but after watching a few YouTube videos I changed my mind.  Brittany and Chrisspy both did tutorials for mermaids and love them so much and inspired my makeup for Halloween.  Here are the videos:
I didn't necessarily follow these videos when I was practicing my makeup .. it had been a week since I had watched them but I knew the general idea of what I wanted to do based off of what Brittany and Chrisspy did.  I did one practice look and then a "real" look that I actually wore out.  But for Halloween I plan on doing things differently again but want to share what I've done so far.  It really won't change too much I just want to add more glitter/sequin/color detail around my face, neck and collar.

This is what happened when I first tried out my mermaid makeup:

For the first time practicing this I used different shades of green and blue to create a smokey eye and to contour.  I have this random glitter (I literally have no clue where it came from) that I applied wherever I contoured.  I applied it with eyelash adhesive and it wasn't that much fun getting off later but my eye makeup remover made it much easier.  I would like to use the glitter again for Halloween but would like to make more of gradient so the transition looks smoother and not so harsh.

Now for when I did this a second time I didn't use any glitter at all.  I wanted to concentrate more on contouring with the blue/green eye shadow.  I used an E.L.F. palette the first time I practiced and it looked nice but the colors rubbed off easily and made it hard to add color around my face.  The pictures below are what I for sure will do again for Thursday and I'll share what I used for each step.
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box
Urban Decay Ammo Palette

My Eyes:
  1. Apply Mac Pro Longwear Concealer as an eye shadow base.
  2. With a flat shader brush apply "Peace" all over the lid.
  3. With a fluffy brush apply "Graffiti" to the crease and blend out the edges.
  4. Apply "Polyester Bride" to the center of the lid to brighten and also on the brow highlight.
  5. With my smudger brush apply "Peace" to the lower lash line.  Connect the outer and inner bottom lash line to the lid color.
  6. Apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk" to the waterline.
  7. Apply liquid liner to the top lashes, mascara and the Sorceress eyelashes that are pictured below (I bought mine at Wal-Mart).

And bam now time to do the face. 
My Face:
  1. First I applied my Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation all over with a stippling brush.
  2. Concealed my under eyes with my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer.
  3. I set my under eye make up with my Bare Minerals Veil
  4. I bronze up my face by adding Mac's Bronzing Powder to the hallow of my cheeks and around my hairline.  Since I'm going in with colors to contour as well I just did enough bronzer to help add dimension.
  5. I put a little bit of Mac's "Blush All Day" on my cheeks to add in a bit of color that was more natural.
  6. I then powder the rest of my face with the Mac Mineralize Foundation/Loose.
  7. I then start to contour more harshly with "Peace" by adding it along my hairline, the hallow of my cheeks, along my nose and under my chin.  I first added some color then would blend it out and then add more to darker the color.  I would add more color closer to my hairline and blend down and then on the lower part of my cheeks and blend that up.
  8. I added "Graffiti" to the darker portion of the contours.
  9. I highlighted my forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and cupid's bow with "Polyester Bride".

This time for the makeup I did not use any glitter but just sequins in sporadic chunks on my face.  Next time I would add more color contour and use some glitter and sequins.  I liked how this turned out this time but feel like it could've been more complete.
For mermaid long hair I put in my 220G 22inch Bellami Hair Extensions in the color "Chestnut" and curled all over my hair.
For a hair accessory I made this beaded hair clip with a pendent on the bottom chain.  Yeah..this picture sucks.  I'll get better photos on Halloween and post them then.
For my costume I made little bra top with material left over from the items I made for my friend Courtney's wedding.  It's a cream base fabric with matching lace to go over.  I felt like this was pretty and could resemble scales almost.  Again, I don't have the best photos of my outfit let's say it turned out pretty cool.  I had different intentions of what to make but I like how it all turned out.  My mom was so awesome and added sequins to the top part of my outfit and had the idea of adding the same strand of beads as my headpiece to shape my boobs.  I also bought some starfish with the intention of putting them in my hair like Chrisspy did but instead I wanted it on my top to really pull the outfit together.  I also made straps out of lace that can be worn a few different ways.  The fabric can be gathered all at the top, fanned out or hang off the shoulder.  My skirt is a green to blue ombre fabric and I wrapped it around and had it tie to the side. 

Now here are some selfies and remember to check back after Halloween to see more photos of and some actual good ones.
For my hair I wore my Bellami Hair Extensions (22inch Chestnut).

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