Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Current Night Routine

Yeah buddy..two for two!  Since I started slipping on doing blogposts I decided to have dedicated posts that I'll do at least weekly so that way I can stay consistent with all of this.  I"ll still post my random posts sporadically but I feel like doing a weekly thing will help keep my random posts more frequent.  So on Tuesdays expect something beauty related to check out.  I even have a calendar planned out all the way until February..so this is gonna happen.  Every other week will be some sort of makeup application post.  I guess technically it's a tutorial but remember, I'm just an enthusiast.  I do have an extended blogpost set for Thursday for more background on that and where I'm heading with it.  And then every other week it will be makeup related but more broad and you'll see what I mean as time goes on.

So anyways today I'm talking about my night routine.  This has changed over the years as I try different products and it may change as time goes on.  I've been using a new skin care system lately and so far so good with it but I also want to try out a few other products from this company as well.  But for now I'll share what I'm doing currently and I'll share what I would like to try.

On work nights the first thing I do to get ready for bed is take a shower.  I'll shower in the mornings sporadically for work but I just really love going to bed all clean - it feels really refreshing.  But for the weekends when I don't have to be up super early I prefer to start my day off with a shower.

After my shower I typically have raccoon eyes that are just gross so I take my Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover to remove any makeup I have left on.  I love this makeup remover because it works super well and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all.  If this is a night that I don't take a shower I prefer to use a makeup wipe (wipes are probably the best thing ever created). Out of the three different wipes I've tried so far I like Maybelline Clean Express Deep Cleansing Towelettes the most.  These are large and WET.  I couldn't stand how dry the Mac and Neutrogena wipes got.  I would even store them upside down and that would help but the last few were like..not that wet.  If a wipe feels dry I feel like it's not doing its job fully.  Especially since I now know how amazing the Maybelline wipes are.  Plus if you get home late and don't have enough energy to do your full night routine all you need to do is go brush your teeth and grab a wipe and as you walk to your bed and lay down clean away.  Yes, I have done this before.

In the past for my cleanser I have used Proactiv which I liked and it did what I wanted to do but honestly it's a bit harsh on the skin.  The beads in the cleanser made sense but were rough and after washing my face I felt dried out and a little raw.  So now I'm using the TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser (normal/dry skin).  I've tried this product out about four times in the past three years and have liked it each time - this also has the beads in it but it's so much more creamy.  I've been using it consistently for a few weeks now and I do like how it keeps my skin feeling clean and I can tell the difference in using this product.  One night I did use the TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser for oily/combination skin just for kicks - I can't give a full review on this since I don't have oily skin and I only used it once.

Following the cleanser I use my Night Solution and you can't forget to moisturize and for that I use the TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer (dry/normal).  I always thought it was weird in the past when I was using "age-fighting" products.  Dude..I'm young!  But why wait for a problem to exist and then correct it?

While I wait for my skin to dry from washing and as I let the Night Solution set I do a few things in between.  The first thing I do after washing my face is apply my Artistry Essentials Replenishing Eye Creme.  I got this eye creme a few months ago and I haven't used it consistently enough to know if it works or not.  My bad.  I have been better about including it into my routine and this is important to me because I have dark circles that I would prefer to not have to spend so much time covering up when I do my makeup.  Once I get through this product I'll give a full review at that point.

After applying my Night Solution I go back to my eyes and apply my Lash & Brow Building Serum.  I've had this product for a long time now but again, I haven't used it consistently enough to know if it works or not.  When I was in high school I used RevitaLash which I loooooooved and I know it works based off my experience but it's pretty expensive.  I have small, sparse and thin lashes, I know how to coat on the mascara but it's nice to have a good base to start with.  So we'll see how this new one turns out and I'm hoping for the best since it's a much better price.

I'm interested in trying out the Botanical Effects Cleanser because I have a sample of the Botanical Effects Mask and was very happy with the result after once use.  My skin isn't too bad when it comes to acne but I do have some problem areas. My cheeks get blemishes and I have blackheads on my chin under my lip.  My chin isn't that noticeable but it's still gross and I was happy with how the mask cleared this up.  It reminded me of the Proactiv I used to use but again not so harsh.  I only use a face mask 1-2 times a week, not every night.

Now that my face is all clean and set my teeth need some attention.  Flossing and brushing is a definite must.  I have a DiamondClean sonic toothbrush.  There is such a major difference between an electric toothbrush and a manual.  You really don't know what clean is until you use an electric toothbrush.  And to keep my teeth straight I have that good ole retainer.  I had Invisalign for about five months last year and that helped me stick with my retainer this time around (yeah..I had braces before and didn't wear my retainer) because I was already used to wearing a retainer almost 24/7.

And then I get all snuggly in my bed and go to sleep.  Good night.

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