Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Princess Photoshoot

A few weeks ago Rick took some DARLING photos of Peytyn for her birthday invitations.  Her first three birthdays were a lot of fun to plan but this one is even more fun since I was able to get her input for the first time.  Her first birthday didn't have much of a theme, just cutesy and girly.  Her second birthday was a "Look Who's Turning Two-Two" party which was a tutu theme (duh) and her third birthday party was a milk and cookies theme.  That last one had sooooo many goodies!

A month ago I asked Peytyn what she wanted to do for her birthday and the words that left her mouth were "pancakes", "pink cake" and "princess". That made it super easy for me!  All things girly and princess!!  I have a lot of ideas and fun details for the party already but I'll share those once it happens and I can share photos of them.  But basically every Disney princess will be represented in some way.  

The camera Rick used was a Canon.  Some of these photos are edited by him, by me and some are unedited completely.  Pey is wearing a dress she picked out at Costco with my mom.  My mom took her out to get groceries but when Peytyn saw the "princess dress" she begged for it.  The tutu she's wearing is actually mine.  When I had photos taken of us before her second birthday we both wore tutus that I made and so I still had that on hand.  I wanted it to be big and fluffy and the one I made for her was a lot smaller than mine and I didn't even bother pulling it out.  Her tiara is also mine that I got from Silverado Portland Jewelry located in Bridgeport Village.

Adding a little glitter and blush to help get her in the mood.
I wasn't sure what to do with her hair since I was putting on a tiara, a simple braid can never go wrong.
The first spot we found was a little too bright!

Me: Peytyn, what's on your nose?

Peytyn: A sucker.




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