Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The LDS Matchmaker

So it's been awhile since I've updated anything on my blog so I thought it's time!  A lot has happened these past few months (marriage, new house, new job for me, new job for Konnor) and today I thought I would start to get caught up on the blog.

For the past six or so months I have been working on The LDS Bachelorette and through that I've met many amazing people and have had a lot of great experiences.  Through the show, I met Amy Stevens (soon to be Seal, wahoo!), founder of The LDS Matchmaker.  Amy is such an incredible woman and her company is doing so many amazing things for LDS singles - and since August I've been officially part of it!

The week after Konnor and I got home from our honeymoon we both got new job offers (his from Vivint and mine from The LDS Matchmaker).  It was an easy choice for both us to accept these offers for many reasons and we feel so blessed that Heavenly Father answered our prayers and gave us our many blessings of our new jobs and all the experiences that come with them.
Check out our current deal on KSL.

I know most people know what Vivint is - summer sales, home security, etc. but when I tell people I work for The LDS Matchmaker, majority of people are confused as to what that means.  Most people think I work for an online dating site - which is not the case.  We actually do personal matchmaking for our clients.  Maybe the idea of that is a bit extreme in this day and age since so many things are done online - so I can see where the confusion is coming from.

Here at TLM we have a team of experts to assist out clients in various ways.  We have our matchmakers who meet with clients and set them up on dates (I'm simplifying this role, there's a lot of work that goes into matchmaking but that would turn into a very long post), our dating coaches who meet with clients to help them during the dating process and our stylists do closet consults, personal shopping, makeup/hair lessons, etc.  There have been 52+ marriages in the past 18 months and we have a new service that we're offering: online dating profile creation/management (this is actually pretty sweet).  To learn more about our services you can check out our website or click here to enroll in our free database.

Again, this is all pretty simplified for the purpose of a blogpost to give an overall idea of what we do.  If anyone has any questions on anything I would be happy to answer them.  I know we have so much to offer the LDS single community and I have enjoyed getting to know clients and hearing their stories.  Everyone has a different background on dating and has learned different things from different situations and I feel blessed to part of their lives - even if it's just meeting them or helping with their makeup just once.

I have a strong testimony of temple marriage and it's what keeps me close to the church - even when I was inactive I knew that I needed to be at the temple.  I'm so grateful to be sealed to Konnor and Peytyn and to be with them forever.  It was the most amazing experience of my life to be kneeling at the alter with my family to be sealed to them.

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